Brief Biodata of Kuo Hsiao-chuang

Chen Tiao-juen at the University of Hong Kong

Native place: Hua County in Honan Province.
Born in Taipei County, Taiwan Province.
Graduated from Ta-Peng School of Drama, and Department of Drama, University of Chinese Culture.
Postgraduate study at the Juilliard School, USA.


Positions Previously Held:

Lecturer at University of Chinese Culture, (Private) World Journalism Institute, National Taiwan Conservatory of Art, and National Central University.

Member of Chinese Opera Curriculum Standard Committee, Ministry of Education.

Advisory Member for Inspection of Mainland Publications, News Bureau, Executive Yuan.

Consultant Member, Experimental Chinese Opera Troupe of the Strengthened National Fu Hsing School of Drama, Ministry of Education.

Advisory Member on Union Affairs, Taipei City Movie and Television Actors Union.

Council Member, Chung Cheng Cultural Centre.

Editorial Member of National Opera Text Books, National Institute for Compilation and Translation.

Founder and Person-in-charge of Ya Yin Ensemble.

Director, China Association of Culture and Art.


Awards Received:

Culture and Art Medal (Operatic Performance Award) conferred by China Associations of Culture and Art.

The 9th Republic of China Ten Outstanding Female Youths.

Social Education Medal awarded by the Ministry of Education for outstanding contributions toward social service and social education.

"Most Outstanding Asian Artiste Award" 1982, recommended by the Sino-American Arts Center, USA.

"Most Outstanding Asian Art Award" 1984, and Special Contribution Award, National Culture and Art Awards, received at Lincoln Art Center, New York, USA.

Outstanding Performing Arts Award "Ethnic Art Category Awards".

International Communications Medal, News Bureau, Executive Yuan.


Entries In:

Who's Who in Modern Republic of China.

Who's Who in China Movie and Television.

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