Success Seems Easy Yet Hard Earned

Kung Min Artistic Director National Kuo Kuang Opera Company

Even today, the average old Pekinese is not quite convinced that there is Peking opera in Taiwan. But people in the opera circle all know that on this Treasure Island there is a Kuo Hsiao-chuang and her "Ya Yin Ensemble" opening new heavens for the art of Peking opera overseas.

Hsiao-chuang was trained in tradition, challenges the modern times, and explores the future. From walking alone to receiving a lot of help when she has established her standing, the journey has been very trying, and also very spectacular. Acting every new opera is like a battle storming a stronghold. The precious thing is that she wins every fight and conquers every target. In many periods of slumps for traditional opera, she has remained singularly successful. That is because "Ya Yin" has many fans among the new generations. Peking opera produced as total theater makes the young people warmly embrace the classical and not reject it at all. To certain opera troupes that "always perform old operas and always perform in the old way", the achievements of Hsiao-chuang and "Ya Yin" absolutely has its inspiring effect.