Appendix: Kuo Hsiao-chuang's Drama Performances


1959 In June, entered Ta Peng School of Drama. First teacher, Liu Ming-pao.
1960 First stage performance, practical performance of "Eight Five-Flower Caves".



Practical performances at school of excerpts "Picking Up Jade Bracelet", "Literary Gathering", "Beating Flower Drum", Merry Match", "Little Cow Grazing", "Examining First Barrier", etc.
1966 Graduated from Ta Peng School of Drama. Entered Ta Peng Opera Troupe. In June, under guidance of 2 teachers Su Sheng-shih and Pai Yu-wei, played Fan Li-hua in "Romance On Horseback". This was Kuo Hsiao-chuang's debut.
1967 In June, under meticulous guidance of 2 teachers Su Sheng-shih and Pai Yu-wei, played Tou Hsien-tung in "Chessboard Mountain" and excelled herself.

1. In January played "Mu Fortess".

2. In March, "Chessboard Mountain".

3. In April, whole opera "Mu Kuei-ying".

4. In June, played the part that made her name, privately taught by Maestro Su Sheng-shih, playing the role of Hu San-niang the Ten Feet of Steel in "Hu Manor".

5. Studied with Professor Yu Ta-kang on literature, drama and Chinese poetry. Studied "Matchmaker Red Maid" with Maestro Ma Shu-hsien of the Hsun School, performing in September.


1. In January, played Madam Tung-fang in first two acts of "Rainbow Cloud Fortress".

2. In April, premiered "Great Hero", played Chen Hsiu-ying, from setting up tea house up to happy ending. Acted in Taiwan TV Chinese opera "Romance on Horseback".

3. In May, played whole opera "Pledge of Gold and Stone", from family quarrel, mountain killing, up to capturing Hu San-niang alive. Played Pan Chiao-yun first, then Hu San-niang. And played the White Snake in "Legend of the White Snake": "Touring the Lake", "Startling Metamorphosis at Dragon Boat Festival", and "Stealing Herb".

4. In August, acted in Taiwan TV Chinese opera "Chessboard Mountain", and whole opera "Chin-Yu-Nu" substitute in wedding chamber.

5. In October, played Yang Chin-hua in new script "Chin Po Fortress". Played "Matchmaker Red Maid" in China TV's opera launched in October. Acted in Taiwan TV's opera "Joyful Match".


1. In January, played "Butterfly Cup", first played Hu Feng-lien, then played Lu Feng-ying. uder the direction of Teacher Ku Cheng-chiu.

2. Received Chinese Opera Performance Medal from China Culture and Art Association (First medal for Chinese opera by the Association).

3. In July, premiered newly rehearsed opera, studyiung under teacher Ku Cheng-chiu, as Wu Huan-niang in "Jade Lion Pendant".

4. In August, joined Youth Chinese Opera Troupe to play White Snake in "Chin Shan Monastery" on Japan tour.

5. In December, premiered Professor Yu Ta-kang's new work "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying", as Chiao Kuei-ying. Later acclaimed as representative work for Kuo Hsiao-chuang.


1. In March, played Hsueh Chin-lien in "Fan River Fortress", "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying", and played Ti Ying-lien in newly rehearsed "Merry Match".

2. In May, took part in China TV modern costume serial "Song of the Colorful Phoenix".

3. In August, played whole opera "Mu Kuei-ying" and premiered "Two Yus of the Red Chamber", playing first Third Sister Yu and then Second Sister Yu. In September, premiered China TV's innovative TV Chinese opera "Human Face and Peach Blossom", playing Tu I-chun.

4. In October, premiered Yu Ta-kang's new work "Eighth Sister Yang".


1. In March, starred in movie "Chiu Chin", and received the 2nd "Queen of Martial Arts" award.

2. In April, acted in China TV Chinese opera "Two Yus of the Red Chamber".

3. In May, played Chen Hsiu-ying in whole opera "Romance of the Iron Bow", starting with setting up tea house, wearing thick sole shoes, disguised as male, putting on armor, fighting scene, up to happy ending.

4. In June, played Princess Te-an in China TV's costume serial drama "Leaving a Good Name to Eternity", and played male part of Chou Yu in China TV Chinese opera premiere of "Gathering of Heroes".

5. In October, played Han Cheng-niang in premiere of Professor Yu Ta-kang's new work "Young Boy and Girl Heroes".

6. In December, played "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying", played She Sai-hua in newly rehearsed "Seven Star Temple", and played Princess Tai-chan in "Grand Entrance to Great Hall".


1. In September, played China TV Chinese opera "Liang Hung-yu", nominated for the USA "TV Emmie Award".

2. Joined China Chinese opera delegation to tour the USA, staging 83 shows in 32 cities all over the USA.

3. In December, returned home in great fame.


1. In January, Ta Peng Chinese Opera Troupe welcomed Chang Ta-chien's return to Taiwan, special show of "Romance on Horseback" won the Maestro's appreciation.

2. On February 6, played "Matchmaker Red Maid".

3. In April, played "Smashing Monsters", "Human Face and Peach Blossom", "Eighth Sister Yang". Starred in action movies "Tough Guy and Mad Man", "Two Dragons Out To Sea" etc.

4. In June, followed teacher Liang Hsiu-chuan to learn works of Shang School. Played Lu Ling-ku for 2 shows of premiere "19 Heroes of Ching Cheng Mountain".

5. In August, first played Yu Su-chiu, then played Han Yu in newly rehearsed Hsun School works "Examining Jade Bracelet", "Joyful Match".

6. In October, followed Chinese opera delegation to tour the USA again. En route in the USA, presented hand painted ink lotus cheongsam by Chang Ta-chien.

7. In October revisted the US with the Chinese Opera delegation, during the tour won the cheongsam with black lotus on painted by Chang Ta-chien.

8. In December, returned home in great fame.


1. In January, played Tung Hsiao-wan in China TV historical serial drama epic "Beauty of an Epoch".

2. In June, attended 21st Asian Film Festival held in Jakarta, afterwards followed delegation to take part in charity shows in Singapore and Thailand.

3. In July, took part in grand joint performance of Chinese opera, played double bill in "Matchmaker Red Maid", and played male role Huang Tien-pa in "Great 8 Gods Temple".

4. In October, China TV opera "Matchmaker Red Maid" broadcast in the USA.

5. In November, played first Third Sister Yu and then Second Sister Yu in "Two Yus of the Red Chamber".


1. In February, invited to take part in 4th Hong Kong Arts Festival, playing "Fan River Fortress", "Picking Up Jade Bracelet" and "Grand Entrance To Great Hall".

2. In April, played China TV opera "Eighth Sister Yang".

3. In June, played "Chun-siang Making Trouble at School", "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" and whole opera "Chin-Yu-Nu". China TV's "Beauty of an Epoch" series broadcast in San Francisco Overseas Chinese TV. Attended 22nd Asian Film Festival held in Korea. On June 21, starred in China TV historical serial drama "Conqueror of an Epoch", playing Concubine Yu.

4. In August, sponsored by Ministry of Education for further studies in Drama Department of University of Chinese Culture.

5. In November, Ta Peng staged "Strange Romance of Two Chiaos", first played Sun Yu-chiao, then Sung Chiao Chiao, and then Matchmaker Liu; and played for the first time the newly rehearsed "Cho Wen-chun". On November 30, played "Thinking of Worldly Pleasures" in concert held in Taiwan by Asia Composers League.


1. In February, China TV launched TV opera "Cho Wen-chun" the Shang School classic. Chang Ta-chien was specially requested to loan his collections, the T'ang dynasty chin "Spring Thunder" and the Sung dynasty chin "Snowy Night Bell" to appear in the drama.

2. May 2, Professor Yu Ta-kang died of illness. To commemorate her teacher, played "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" and "Eighth Sister Yang" consecutively.

3. July 1, issued statement announcing departure from Ta Peng Opera Troupe.

4. In August, played in Taiwan TV opera "Two Yus of the Red Chamber".

5. September 14, played "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" in Sun Sat-sen Memorial Hall.

6. In October, played Taiwan TV opera "18 Tattles".


1. In March, announced giving up movie and TV, devoted to reviving Chinese opera.

2. In April, at invitation of Hong Kong Art Center, played "Capturing Alive Chang San-lang" and Taiwan TV operas "Flower Field Errors", "Thinking of Worldly Pleasures", "Two Yus of the Red Chamber" playing first Third Sister Yu and then Second Sister Yu, and "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying".

3. In May, joint show "Strange Romance of the Two Chiaos", first played Sun Yu-chiao, then Matchmaker Liu, and Taiwan TV Opera "The Benevolent Is Invincible."

4. On September 16, Taiwan TV opera "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" broadcast in 3 instalments.

5. During the Tainan Sports Meeting, Chang Ta-chien's exhibition of paintings and Kuo Hsiao-chuang's exhibition of opera met. Gave talks on "Chinese opera's tradition and modern" at various institutions of higher learning.

6. December 30, invited to visit the USA and play "Picking Up Jade Bracelet" at Lincoln Art Center, New York.


1. March 28, formally announced setting up "Ya Yin Ensemble", dedicated to the mission of Chinese opera's innovation and rebirth of tradition.

2. In April, celebrated birthday of opera's earliest master and played "Little Cow Grazing" with teacher Liang Hsiu-chuan.

3. In May, Ya Yin Ensemble staged innovative opera "The White Snake and Hsu Hsien" and traditional Kun opera "Thinking of Worldly Pleasures & Coming Down From the Mountain". Gave new look to opera. Created great stir at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

4. In July, attended 25th Asian Film Festival held in Singapore and performed "Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers". Also played "Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers" in Asian Traditional Music Recital held in Taipei, acclaimed as staging most substantial Chinese show.

5. In October, played "Picking Up Jade Bracelet" and "Capturing Alive" in I Love Taipei charity show.


1. Ya Yin Ensemble's annual grand show "Tou O's Earthshaking Grievance" had given rise to argument of not suitable for staging at that time, leading to outcry in public opinion. After Ministry of Education had explained to Legislative Yuan, the script's ending was revised (from tragedy to comedy) and the show staged as scheduled.

2. March 14 & 15, "Tou O's Earthshaking Grievance" staged at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. On March 16, "Hua Mu-lan" was staged. On March 19, Taiwan TV opera show "Two Yus of the Red Chamber".

3. In April, played White Snake in "Broken Bridge".

4. In May, Ya Yin Ensemble staged "Wang Ku'ei Jilting Kuei-ying", touring 5 cities of Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, Miaoli and Keelung.

5. In June, graduation performance of "Wang Ku'ei Jilting Kuei-ying". Graduated from University of Chinese Culture, stayed on as lecturer.


1. May 7,8 and 9, Ya Yin Ensemble's annual grand show for 3 days, staging new script "Liang Shan-po and Chu Ying-tai" with innovative costumes designed by Maestro Chang Ta-chien the Chinese painting grandmaster. On May 10, played "Eighth Sister Yang".

2. In September, at 30th Anniversary Celebration of United Daily News, Ya Yin Ensemble was invited to stage "The White Snake and Hsu Hsien" at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

3. In October, played "The White Snake and Hsu Hsien" in Taipei City Arts Festival. Ya Yin Ensemble toured Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, staging one show of "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" at each place.

1982 Elected 9th National Ten Outstanding Youth. Ministry of Education acclaimed her as enthusiastic in promoting social education with outstanding achievement, hence presented her Social Education Medal. Recommended by Asian Culture Foundation and awarded scholarship to study for one year at Juilliard School of Music in New York.

1. Nominated by American-Chinese Art Center for 1982 "Asia Outstanding Artiste Award", presented at Lincoln Center in New York on January 2, 1983. Also received 1984 "Asia's Most Outstanding Art Award".

2. In April, Maestro Chang Ta-chien died. Returned to Taiwan in special trip to pay last tributes.

3. In July, concluded study in the USA and returned home. Prepared Ya Yin Ensemble performance. Interviewed by West German TV, introducing "traditional and modern" in Chinese opera art and oriental culture.

4. In November, invited as award presenting guest for Best Artistic Design Award at Golden Horse Award Ceremony.

5. Listed in Republic of China Who's Who.


1. In January, Ya Yin Ensemble gave one show of "The White Snake and Hsu Hsien" at Lincoln Center, New York and in Washington DC. Taiwan TV meantime broadcast "The White Snake and Hsu Hsien" in Taiwan.

2. Turkey's Communication Newspaper and Turkish News Agency's Director of American (New York) Office, Mr Necdet Berkand, came to Taiwan to interview various woman leaders and Kuo Hsiao-chuang, wrote articles introducing Taiwan women.

3. In February, two shows of "Matchmaker Red Maid" in collaboration with Lu Kuang.

4. America (Carter Co.) recorded "World Women" program. Interviewed Kuo Hsiao-chuang. Interviewer Miss Toybea Johnke said Kuo Hsiao-chuang was an outstanding woman with a special status. Collected in "World Women" program and aired.

5. From August 15 to 18, Ya Yin Ensemble staged new work "Madam Han" for 4 days as annual big show. Played Liang Hung-yu (Madam Han). Played "Matchmaker Red Maid" once on August 19.

6. In November, invited by Taipei Arts Festival to play "Tou O's Earthshaking Grievance" (changed back to original tragic ending).

7. Appointed by Ministry of Education as Member of Chinese Opera Subject Standard Committee.


1. In February, played Third Sister Yu in Part I of China TV opera "Two Yus of the Red Chamber".

2. In April, Ya Yin Ensemble premiered Cheng School work "Locking Unicorn Purse" at Social Education Hall, guided by Cheng School veteran Master of Ying Jo Chamber. On April 14, went to Kaohsiung to play "Picking Up Jade Bracelet" and "Capturing Alive".

3. In May, played "Locking Unicorn Purse". Founded Kuo Hsiao-chuang Cultural Enterprise Inc., distributing Chinese opera tapes and videos, organizing Everybody Sings Chinese Opera Together activities. In May, Taiwan TV opera "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" entered Finals of Canada TV Exhibition.

4. In June, attended 30th Asia-Pacific Film Festival held in Tokyo, Japan, performed "Little Cow Grazing". China TV opera "Madam Han" aired. Invited by China TV to give talk/demonstration in AV Center.

5. In July, took part in charity show raising funds for low income family children.

6. In August, Ya Yin Ensemble staged annual big show, premiered "Liu Lan-chih and Chiao Chung-ching" for 3 days in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Played "Third Sister Yu" on 4th day. Also toured Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taichung, playing one show at each place of "Liu Lan-chih and Chiao Chung-ching."

7. In October, announced Ya Yin Ensemble productions "Madam Han" and "Matchmaker Red Maid" records receiving "Golden Tripod Award" for fine records. In October, invited to perform "Madam Kung-sun's Sword Play" about T'ang dynasty's legendary woman at 60th Anniversary Celebration of National Palace Museum.


1. In February, China TV's Chinese New Year special program "Strange Romance Between Immortal and Mortal" sung in Yellow Plum Tune entered Canada's Banff Festival.

2. Received Special Contribution Award of National Culture and Art Award.

3. Received 1st Outstanding Performing Art Award V Folk Art Category Award V held by Taipei Eastern District Rotary Club. Awarded at the same time were Dance Category Award (Cloud Gate) and Stage Drama Category Award (Performing Workshop).

4. Appointed Advisor to Lu Kuang Chinese Opera Troupe, and took part in 2 shows of Hsun School work "Examining Jade Bracelet" in March, playing first Yu Su-chiu and then Han Yu. In memory of Chang Chi-yun, founder of University of Chinese Culture, played "Thinking of Worldly Pleasures", "Great Creek Royal Manor" and "Ten Beauties Running Carriages".

5. In July, played Meng Li-chun in Ya Yin Ensemble's annual big show "Romance of Rebirth", for 4 days at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, one show at the Fu Hsing Hill, and one show each at Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hsinchu Tsinghua University.

6. In November, in Chinese opera stars joint show, Ya Yin Ensemble staged "New Merry Match". Invited by Central Library to talk on "Popularizing and Modernizing Chinese Opera". Ya Yin Ensemble produced records of "Liu Lan-chih and Chiao Chung-ching", again received Golden Tripod Award for fine records.


1. In January, promoted Everybody Singing Chinese Opera Together activities. Played TV opera "New Merry Match" in Taiwan TV Chinese New Year special program.

2. In March, China TV opera "New Merry Match" broadcast. From March 31 onwards, played "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" for 3 days at Social Education Hall to commemorate 10th anniversary of Yu Ta-kang's death.

3. In May, played "Matchmaker Red Maid" in Chinese opera joint show. In November, Ya Yin Ensemble Cultural Inc. produced records of "Fated for Another Life", received Golden Tripod Award for fine records for the 3rd time.

4. Executive Yuan's News Bureau appointment as Advisory Member for vetting Mainland publications.


1. May 7 to 14, Ya Yin Ensemble's annual big show "Ah-Kai Princess" staged 7 shows at Taipei Social Education Hall, warmly received, special permission to sell extra standing room tickets for each show in gratitude of audience.

2. In June, Ya Yin Ensemble visited Pesaro, Italy and staged "Picking Up Jade Bracelet", "Meeting at Old City", and "Tou O's Grievance". On June 20, staged same 3 operas in famous Olympic Theater in Rome.

3. In October, at the invitation of 12th Hong Kong Arts Festival and Urban Council, Ya Yin Ensemble performed at City Hall 2 shows each of "Wang Kuei Jilting Kuei-ying" and "Matchmaker Red Maid" to full houses. Requested permission to sell standing room tickets, breaking City Hall box office record. By coincidence, Mainland China stars Mei Pao-chiu, Yeh Shao-lan et al came to Hong Kong to perform. This was the first encounter of Peking opera from both shores of the Taiwan Strait. Ya Yin returned home with great fame.

4. On December 1, invited by Cultural Association to play "Lotus Pearl Match." Took part in Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals charity fund-raising activities and played "Roaming Dragon Teasing Phoenix".

5. Appointed by Ministry of Education as Guidance Member of Strengthening National Fu Hsing School of Opera's subsidiary Experimental Chinese Opera Troupe.

6. Appointed Advisory Member of Taipei City Movie and TV Actors Union.


1. Established Ya Yin Ensemble Dramatic Art Center, putting in order Chinese opera scripts and information, with study of opera art as its aim.

2. In April, went to the USA to take part in San Francisco Overseas Chinese Culture and Arts Festival and played "Mei Lung Town" together with Li Chin-tang.

3. Invited to be Council Member of Chung-cheng Cultural Center Council of the Two National Yuans.

4. July 20 to 24, 5 shows of Ya Yin Ensemble's newly rehearsed annual big show at National Theater, playing Princess Chang Ping in "The Red Silk Tragedy".

5. In October, received from Executive Yuan News Bureau the International Communications Medal. Other award winners at the same time were photography maestro Lang Ching-shan, and maestro Li T'ien-lu of sack puppetry.

6. Ya Yin Ensemble toured 5 cities in Western USA, staging one show of "Ah-Kai Princess" at each place of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Hawaii. For reasons of the venue, "Lotus Pearl Match" was staged in Houston.


1. Visited Peking's Central Opera Academy and watched Peking opera.

2. In April, played "Chessboard Mountain" in Taipei Drama Festival.

3. In June, Tung Chih-ling came to Taiwan to visit Ya Yin Ensemble, praised Kuo Hsiao-chuang's achievements in reforming Peking opera.

4. In October, Bicentennial of Anhwei opera troupe entering Peking. Invited to Hong Kong and played "Hsiang Yu the Conqueror's Farewell to the Concubine" alongside Mainland actor Ching Jung-ching.

5. In December, Ya Yin Ensemble staged annual big show "Ask Heaven" for 5 shows at Taipei Social Education Hall.

6. Appointed Editorial Committee Member of Chinese opera textbooks by National Bureau of Compilation and Translation.


1. Invited to talk on Chinese opera at Chien Kuo Middle School, winning the hearts of young students and arousing enthusiastic responses.

2.In August, annual show "Stopping for the Night on a Riverside" staged for 5 shows from August 7 to 11 at National Theater. All tickets sold out in advance. On August 14, in gratitude of Ta Peng's nurturing, returned to School to help with the performance of "Examining Jade Bracelet".

3. In September, at United Daily News 40th anniversary, played "Teasing Phoenix".

1992 June 8 to 10, Ya Yin Ensemble invited by Taipei Traditional Arts Festival to stage "Tou O's Earthshaking Grievance" for 3 days.

1. On June 1, Japan's Asia Airline Company came to Taiwan for recording and production of an interview with Kuo Hsiao-chuang on Ya Yin Ensemble's achievements. One of a series of introducing cinema broadcast in the air about traditional arts of national treasure.

2. December onward, played Hsi Shih in Ya Yin Ensemble's newly rehearsed annual big show of "Return to Yueh". 5 shows at National Theater. New image of Hsi Shih singing sorrowful mood of returning to home country led to new wave of Chinese opera innovation.

1994 Ya Yin Ensemble's annual big show "Fated for Another Life" staged again for 3 days from September 15 to 17 at National Theater. On September 29, German TV once again came to Taiwan to capture again Kuo Hsiao-chuang's glamour on stage and off.

1. In January, Shanghai's Orienal TV's special series on Kuo Hsiao-chuang and Ya Yin Ensemble production of "Return to Yueh". The whole opera was shown in Chinese New Year program of Shanghai Oriental TV, a grand event for the first time in 40 years on the Mainland.

2. From December onward, hosted China TV's cross-century social education program "Youth, Youngsters, Family". Elected director of China Culture and Art Association.

1996 Listed in 1996 CNA World Year Book Who's Who. Put in order videos and other information of Ya Yin Ensemble's performances over the years.
1997 In October, toured the Mainland, paid special visit to Hsi Shih's native place and took photos at Hsi Shih Hall and the Rock where Hsi Shih washed yarn. Prepared issue of videos of Ya Yin Ensemble's 4 productions of "Ask Heaven", "The Red Silk Tragedy", "Stopping for the Night on a Riverside" and "Return to Yueh".

1. 4 videos "Ask Heaven", "The Red Silk Tragedy", "Stopping for the Night on a Riverside" and "Return to Yueh" published and distributed by Taiwan TV Culture Inc.

2. Professor Liu T'ien-i's book "Kuo Hsiao-chuang's Resounding Ya Yin" was published.